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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need a Domain Name Registration Service

Despite having their own websites, some people are still not aware why they would need a domain name registration service. First of all, your domain name is actually your own unique identity in the Internet. Therefore, there are no two parties that can use the same domain name all at the same time.

Because of this, it is important that your Internet identity is totally unique. So if you run a website on the Internet for your business, you should have a domain name that is unique, and ideally, it should have a name that is similar to your own brand so that your customers can easily recognize your site.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

A lot of people often miss out on the importance of having their own domain name until such time that they lose it to someone else. When this happens, that is the only time they realize that they have lost their own identity. So in order for this not to happen, you should hire a good domain name registration service.

Here are more reasons why it is extremely important to have a registration service for your domain name.

  • You Could Lose Your Domain Name to Someone Else -
    Since good domain names are being gobbled quickly, you should make sure that you register it with a domain name registration service as soon as you think of a good name. There’s also the issue of avoiding expiration. A good service should let you know if your domain name is about to expire. If you don’t, you could end up losing it to someone else the moment it expires.

    Also, as soon as it expires and is already owned by someone else, you can never get that domain name back again. As you know, the Internet is so crowded now, and almost every second there is one website that is launched. The competition on domain names is stiff, especially if you have a common sounding name.
  • Protect Your Website Against Identify Theft -
    Identity theft is one of the most common crimes in the Internet these days. If you or your customer’s personal information is entered on your site, this could go to a database in the Internet where anyone can easily access it. Therefore, protect your website with the help of a domain name registration service. Companies that offer private domain name registration will ensure that anyone who will look for domain names for fraudulent purposes will only get the name of your proxy service, thus, they will not be able to get in on your website’s database and hack whatever information is stored there.

  • Prevent Unwanted Solicitation -
    It is difficult to control the dissemination of contact information in the World Wide Web. People will always find a way to get your contact information and ask for unwanted solicitations. If you do not have a domain name registration service, you could be at high risk for being a target of those who have evil intentions. Spammers can easily infiltrate your site and gather all contact information stored there. This can be a big problem if your customers find out that their contact information were obtained from your site. You could end up losing them and this can lead to bad publicity for your site.

Simply put, a domain name registration service can help you establish an online identity, and protect it.

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