Project Overview

Mosaic Consulting is a successful, established commercial architectural landscape firm that has mastered the art of streamlining and running operations more effectively for its clients. With the desire to have a fresh Corporate Identity, Mosaic Consulting asked Slingshot Digital Design to collaborate in extending their brand presence.

The Challenge:
The Rancho Santa Margarita based firm was in a growing market which had plenty of traditional companies but few that set themselves apart in a visual manner. Mosaic faced the disadvantages of the lack of identifiable image together with those of a limited marketing budget available to develop a new service brand in short time frame.

The Solution :
Mosaic Consulting contracted Slingshot Digital in order to create a new brand identity which would assist the customer in becoming popular very quickly and efficiently, and which would play a core role in informing and attracting a steady customer base for its new business.


  • Custom Logo Design
  • Stationery Layout and Design