Logo Design Services

Slingshot Digital solves communication problems across a broad range of media both on and off-line for companies in Orange County. Our goal is to create intelligent, custom design solutions, including: logo design, communication design and user interface.

Slingshot takes consummate care of the entire domain of visual identity. We work to invent or discover symbols, typefaces, colors and styles that effectively translate your brand essence into visible, touchable reality. We combine traditional graphic design principles, rigorous research techniques, intelligent brand development, and innovative technology to advance standards of logo design integrity and information strategy.

Logo Design Services - The Mark

One of Slingshot Digital's core competencies is the creation of company logos that utilize custom typographic, or iconic solutions. Logos can appear as abstract symbols or letterforms. All logos must be distinctive and relevant, Slingshot Digital goes through a lengthy process to ensure your Logo Design hits the mark.

Brand Identity - It's the Brand

What makes a person pick one product from another? More than not — it's the brand. We identify your brand, positioning, objectives and develop a unique brand architecture. At Slingshot Digital, we help our clients communicate the value of their company through proven brand identity design techniques.

Visual Identity - Putting it all Together

Slingshot Digital will manage and define every aspect of our clients visual identity. We work to design or discover marks, typefaces, color pallets and styles that effectively communicate your brand into a tangible reality. This may include Brochures, catalogues, company profiles, posters, stationary, ad campaigns, package design and marketing kits.

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