Project Overview

Orange, a Los Angeles based punk band needed a web site that would seperate them from the pack. The new web site design needed to reflected their youthful image and at the same time communicate with their growing fan base.

ORANGE is an upstart punk rock band that kicks ass and takes names on its Hellcat Records debut, Welcome To The World Of Orange. Need assurance? Go ahead and crack the cellophane on this punk album - you'll see what we mean.

Orange wanted to capture the power of the internet to appeal to their fan base. This site required becoming intimate with their music, history, and other key elements. This would lend to structuring a web site that was reflective of the band and appealing to their fans.

Using the power of Macromedia Flash, a robust MS SQL Server databse and Active Server Pages (ASP), Slingshot Digital was able to create an interactive user experience that reflected the bands punk flavor.


  • Interactive Flash Design, Database backend
  • Flash based MP3 Player / audio streaming
  • Custom email collection and email newsletter generation
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