Project Overview

Radio One, an Orange County based punk band needed a cutting-edge web site. The new web site design needed to reflected their core image and at the same time communicate with their fans.

Not since The Clash's self-titled debut release has a band come this close to perfecting what The Clash started way back in 1977. Ruben Rivera's vocals are a near exact spit-tossing replica of Joe Strummer's angry, scuffed style, and the lyrics are contemplative, politically caustic rants of pure, unbridled outrage. The duel, jailhouse-style guitar swagger of Clint Gonzalez and Dale Andersen would make Mick Jones as proud as a beaming daddy upon the arrival of a firstborn son. Doug Enfinger's ample bass-thumping abilities and Nicky Dub's bone-breaking percussion skills are the perfect blend of kinetic rhythm backing to round out this remarkably executed homage to the only English band that ever mattered.

Radio One wanted to harness the power of the web to appeal to their fan base. This site required becoming intimate with their music, history, and other factual elements. This would lend to structuring a web site that was reflective of the band and appealing to their fans.

Using the power of Macromedia Flash, Slingshot Digital was able to create an interactive user experience that maintained the bands punk roots.


  • Interactive XML Flash Design
  • Flash based MP3 Player / audio streaming
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