Project Overview

Riverside County's popular Rock n' Roll band - The Hitchhikers , consulted with Slingshot Digital to created a fresh, unique Flash web design.

This band is comprised of x-members from The Humpers, The Bleeders, The Neurotones and He's Dead Jim, and is a mashed together greasy-meatball of pure gut-rot fun, and the chef's name is Chuck Berry. Well guess what my fans of filth...this is exactly what you're gettin, straight from the syringe and into your thick-head, a shot of brainwash that'll make ya forget you're mom slept with the mailman.

The Hitchhikers need a unique, dynamic web site. This new design would give site visitors a chance to listen to their music, view photos of the band and contact them. In addition to an appealing web design, band members need an easy way to update the content of the site.

Slingshot Digital created an easy to use Content Management Systems for updating the web site with a dynamic Flash front end. Technologies used: MySQL database, PHP, XML and Flash.


  • Interactive Flash Design, XML Database backend
  • Flash based MP3 Player / audio streaming
  • Web based Content Management System
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